Insulation Materials

Glass Wool

Glass wool blanket rolls are used for acoustic insulation of all building walls and roofs. These building rolls are manufactured from stable glass fibers bonded with thermosetting resins.
These blanket rolls are available un-faced (200°C ) or with a variety of facings to suit the application: White vinyl (80 °C) , FSK (100 °C), metalized polyester (80°C ) , which provides an efficient vapor barrier or Kraft paper, glass tissue.

These building rolls comply with American,
British, German & ISO Standards.

Available Products

  • Building Roll (Un-faced,FSK, WMSK, Vinyl, Fiber Tissue)
  • Building Slab
  • Flexible Insulated Duct
  • Duct Liner
  • Clean Liner
  • ALU Duct
  • Glass wool Pipe (Rigid Pipe Covering)
  • Marine Board

Service Temperature: -120 °C to 400 °C
Density: 10-48 kg/m³
Dimensions: Thickness: 25 mm to 50 mm
Width: 1m or 1.2m
Length: 10 m, 15 m or 20 m

(Remark: special size can be made to order)

Operating temperature: -195°C to +230°C (can go up to 450°C with special binder)
Density: 64 or 80 kg/m³
Dimensions: Thickness: 25 mm, 40 mm, 50 mm, 65 mm, 75 mm
Pipe sizes: ½” to 12” Length: 0.9 m or 1 m
For pipe diameter above 300 mm Lamella Mat is available.
(Other thickness & bore subject to special enquiry)
For Steel Pipes:  BS 1387, BS 3600 ANSI/ASTM B 36-10-1985
For Copper Tubes: BS 2871, ASTM B88M, IS 9842 & BS 3958

Application: Ideal for all air conditioning/ventilation systems.
Diameter Range: 4” to 14”
Service Temperature: -30~+120 °C
Velocity of air flow: 30m/s
Working Pressure: 3000 Pa
Bending Radius: 0.54*D+25 mm
Fiber Glass Thickness: 25 mm
Density: 16 kg/m³
Length: 7.6 m
Nominal Thickness of Inner duct: 30 micron

Note: Special size can be made to order for all above mentioned products.

Ceramic Products

Operating Temperature: 1400 °C
Density: 300 kg/m³
DimensionsThickness: 25 mm & 50 mm   Width: 600 mm
Length: 900 mm

Operating Temperature: 1260 °C to 1427 °C
Density: 100 kg/m³ & 128 kg/m³
DimensionsThickness: 25 mm & 50 mm   Width: 610 mm
Length: 7600mm & 3800 mm

Operating Temperature: 1260 °C
Density: 240 kg/m³
DimensionsThickness: 2 mm to 6mm   Width: 610 mm
Length: 20000 mm

Operating Temperature: 1260 °C
Density: 500 kg/m³
DimensionsThickness: 2 mm   Width: 1000 mm
Length: 30000 mm

Operating Temperature: 1260 °C
Density: 500 kg/m³
Size: 12 mm to 32 mm

Typical applications include replacement of asbestos paper, investment cast mold wrap insulation, back-up lining for metal troughs, hot top lining, applications  where low binder content is required, thermal & electrical insulation, upgrade for fiberglass paper & blanket products.

Rock Wool

The usage of rock wool insulation is essential in reducing the added fuel cost incurred in compensating for the unnecessary energy losses. The usage of Rock wool is recommended in all types of industries including Cement, Sugar, Power Generation, Petro-Chemical, Chemical, Ship Building, Railway, Air Conditioning and the housing industry.
These blankets are stitched with galvanized wire, cotton or glass thread. These rolls are available un-faced, reinforced aluminum foil faced.

These high temperature mats are manufactured in accordance with BS 3958 Pt3- 1982 & ASTMC 592 class 1 & 2

Maximum service Temperature: 750 °C
Density: 40-140 kg/m³
Dimensions: Thickness: 20-100 mm Width: 1m
Length: 5 m or 2.5 m
Packing: Polythene Bags

Maximum service Temperature: 750 °C
Density: 140 kg/m³
Dimensions: Thickness: 25 mm, 30 mm, 40 mm, 50 mm